About the film

You came to see a rock show…

In late 2010 Peaches set out on her first venture as theater Director, a role she had always dreamed of fulfilling long before the electro-artist persona ‘Peaches’ had even been conceived.

The epic stage production ‘Peaches Does Herself’ was the product of prolonged collaboration with Berlin’s cutting-edge Hebbel am Ufer Theater: a relationship that developed after Peaches’ first performance in ‘Peaches Christ Superstar’  in early 2010, where she single-handedly performaned the show in its entirety, playing and singing all roles to the accompaniment of fellow Canadian Gonzales on piano.

Following that Peaches was invited back to create what was to become the biggest production ever made at the HAU theater!

With a cast and crew of over 40 people and 20 plus songs from her back catalogue (The Teaches of Peaches, Fatherfucker, Impeach my Bush, I Feel Cream) Peaches wrote, directed and starred in this fantastical narrative build obscurely around her development as an artist and performer from “bedroom wannabe to fully fledged rock-stardom and beyond!”.

The result is a retrospective ‘anti-jukebox’ musical; a wild and wonderful trip through landmark moments in her career and albums, channeled through the eccentric and sexually skewed fibres of Peaches’ imagination:

“Peaches Does Herself  tells the story of a young woman who, inspired by a 65-year-old stripper, begins to make sexually forthright music. Her popularity grows and she becomes what her fans expect her to be: transsexual. She falls in love, but gets her heart broken and then ventures on a path of self-discovery.”

And just over a year later, Peaches’ sensational electro-rock opera exploded onto the silver screen!

After ten live performances, over 1,500 cuts, a movie was pulled together in a labour of love and polished up over the period of a year and lucky audiences in Toronto were the first to see the film when it had its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival  in September 2012.

Critics have described the movie as “a ‘Pina’ for the queer and sexually liberated crowd” and others “a great introduction to the wild, pumping, sexual world of Peaches“.

Peaches herself likes to describe it as “The Jukebox Musical that got a Sex Change”!